Digital Pirani Gauge

The Digital Pirani Gauges are specialized monitoring instruments designed for the accurate measurement of high vacuum in the Pirani Range upto 0.001 mBar. The indicator is panel mounting type with a Pirani Gauge Head ( Sensor ) which can be clamped onto the point of measurement using a KF Clamp fitting . The instrument measures accurately in the Pirani vacuum range from 999 mBar ( Atmospheric ) to 0.001 mBar ( 1 micron ).


Measuring Range 999 mBar to 0.001 mBar ( 1 Micron )
Principle Pirani Principle based on thermal conductivity of Gases to measure negative pressure (Vacuum)
Relay Output Relay Set Point available only on Model DHPC-011S ( 1 Set of NO/CO/NC)
Accuracy +/- 10 %

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents