FLP Temperature Cum RPM Indicator(AI-BOC-02F )

Ace Instruments manufactures precision Flameproof Batch Operation Controller integrating RPM + Temperature Measurement with RPM Drive Selection Output to interface to Variable Frequency Drive for Agitator Control in Reactors for the Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs Industry. It eliminates the need for multiple instruments near the reactor & provides operational ease & safety. Isolated Channels for Temperature & RPM Display with ON & OFF Push Buttons with option of interfacing with Variable Frequency Drive.


No. of Input Channels 2 Nos.
Display Channel 1 : 4 Digit, 7 Segment Red LED ;Display of Height 0.8”for Temperature
4 Digit, 7 Segment Red LED; Display of Height 0.5” for RPM
Push Buttons START (NO Element) & STOP (NC Element) Push Buttons
Selector Switch Model AI-BOC-02F-SEL - 4 Position Selector Switch
Model AI-BOC-02F-POT – 1 K or 10 K Helipot
Calibration Software Based from Front Keys Inside the Enclosure
Scan Rate 500 mSec/Channel

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents