Siemens Differential Pressure Sensor QBM2030

Siemens Differential pressure sensor QBM2030 is meant for use with air or nonaggressive gases, for general HVAC applications. With diaphragm sensing element and selectable pressure measuring ranges from 0 to 100 Pa, 0 to 200 Pa, 0 to 250 Pa, 0 to 500 Pa. Do reach out to us for further information on measuring ranges available. The QBM 2030 is a maintenance free and economical solution to your HVAC monitoring needs.

Supplied complete with set of 2 air duct connectors and PVC tube of 2 m. The QBM2030 differential pressure sensor acquires differential, over and under pressure of air and nonaggressive gases. The transmitter has simple and fast mounting with integrated mounting brackets in the housing. It is suitable for direct mounting on air ducts, walls, ceilings or in control panels.

Application :

  • Measuring the slightest differential pressures in ventilation and air conditioning ducts.

  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms AHU applications

  • Check air flows

  • Monitor filters and control fans

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents