Siemens QFA 3160 Humidity And Temperature Room Sensor

Siemens QFA3160 Room sensor for Humidity and Temperature ( 0...10 V DC). It is used in ventilation and air conditioning plants where high accuracy and short reporting times are required. The QFA3160 provides high accuracy responses with an IP65 rating offering high protection. It is available with display as well (QFA3160D) and can be outdoor mounted using the AQF3100 accessory. The QFA3160 is versatile in its applications with its wide measuring range covering 0..100% RH humidity range and -40 to +70°C without display and -25 to +70°C with LCD display.


  • Storage and production facilities in the paper, textile, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and electronics industry, etc.

  • Laboratories

  • Hospitals

  • Indoor swimming-pools

  • Greenhouses


Operating voltage 24 V AC, 13.5 to 35 V DC
Measuring range, temperature 0...50 °C, -35...35 °C, -40...70 °C
Measurement range humidity 0...100 % r.h.
Measurement accuracy Humidity at 0...100 % RH. and 23 °C: ±2 % RH.,
Temperature, at 15...35 °C: ±0.6 K,
Temperature, at 40...70 °C: ±0.8 K,
Time constant Humidity: 20 s, Temperature: 20s
Connection, electrical Screw terminals
Signal output temperature 0...10 V DC
Signal output humidity 0...10 V DC
Degree of protection IP65 / IP40
Dimensions (W x H x D) 80 x 144 x 39 mm

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents