Siemens Duct Sensor QFM2160

The Siemens QFM 2160 duct sensor is designed for use in air ducts of ventilation and air condition for acquiring the temperature and relative humidity. The QFM2160 provides high accuracy measurements as well as measurements over a wide range of temperature (selectable) and humidity. Combined with a high degree of protection, the QFM2160 is the comprehensive solution to all your HVAC related temperature and humidity monitoring needs.


  • Control sensors in the supply or extract air

  • Reference sensors, e.g. for shifting the dew point

  • Limit sensors, e.g. in connection with steam humidifiers

  • Limit sensors, e.g. for measured value indication or for connection to a building automation and control system.


Operating voltage 24 V AC, 13.5 to 35 V DC
Sensing element, temperature DC 0...10 V
Measuring range, temperature 0...50 °C, -35...35 °C, -40...70 °C
Measurement range humidity 0...95 % r.h.
Measurement accuracy Humidity at 30...70 % r.h. and 23 °C: ±3 % r.h.; Temperature, at 15...35 °C: ±0.8 K; Temperature, at 35...50 °C: ±1.0 K
Time constant Humidity
Immersion length 90...154 mm
Connection, electrical Screw terminals
Type of fixing Flange
Analog output, signal DC 0...10 V; DC 4...20 mA
Signal output temperature 0...10 V DC
Signal output humidity 0...10 V DC
Degree of protection IP54
Dimensions (W x H x D) 80 x 88 x 39 mm

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents